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Tired of spending hundreds of Rand's replacing clothes that gets lost? Mark your clothes in seconds with this multipurpose Laundry Ink Stamp Set. This is the ultimate clothing marker and you can effortlessly mark your children's clothes for many years. You can also add a contact number to actually get your valuables back. But remember the less text the better as I will try and fill the stamp size of max 14.5 x 25mm as much as possible with your text for the best end result.

  • It is quick and easy to use.
  • Can not be unpicked or torn off...or eventually "fall" off.
  • Does not scratch or irritate your child's neck.
  • It is permanent, neat and tidy.
  • It has to be cut out if someone wants to steal it - so mark on the clothing itself.
  • It does not show through on the other side of the material.
  • Stamp on the washing instruction label when the clothes are too dark for the black ink.
  • Your order will last for many years with the 30ml inks
  • An ink for fabric and also one for plastic & rubber (one stamp needed).
  • All inks can be re-ordered if you do run out in the next few years.
  • One ink set needed for all the stamps of your family/work/projects.
The size of the stamp area is small enough so that it will also be able to fit on the garment's label or washing instruction label in cases where the garment is too dark for the black ink. Alternatively you can stamp it on white ribbon if needed to be sewed onto the garment. Use it to mark clothes, bedding, the inside of books, certain toys and shoes, etc. This is also great for your home made projects to put your business's name, logo and contact details on. The more stamps you buy the less they costs since you only need one ink pad set for each family. Certain types of materials holds the ink better than others but if it starts to fade over the years just re-stamp it again. It is as easy as that. No more sitting for hours to iron or sow on labels that can be cut off or unpicked easily.

If you want a bigger size stamp or your logo on it just email me your enquiry to marcelle@tailoredtags.co.za for a personalized quote.

YOU HAVE THESE SET OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM (30ml ink & solvent bottles):

1 x ink set (ink pad plus 30ml Laundry ink) @ R245 plus 1 x stamp @ R250 each = Total of R495

1 x ink set (ink pad plus 30ml Laundry ink) @ R245 plus 2 x stamps @ R220 each = Total of R685

1 x ink set (ink pad plus 30ml Laundry ink) @ R245 plus 3 x stamps @ R190 each = Total of R815

Orders of more than three stamps will cost R190 per stamp.


PLEASE NOTE:This product's main purpose is to mark fabrics. It is not a permanent marker for non-fabric/material surfaces and will start to fade over time when washed vigorously.

then just add the SEMI PERMANENT PLASTIC INK & INK PAD extra on the order form for only R190. The inks need their own ink pad and should never be mixed.

This PLASTIC MARKER INK works great on plastics and rubber like lunch boxes, toys, shoes, etc. You just need to let it dry completely. Please note this is not a permanent marker and because there are many variations of plastics and rubber there might still be certain surfaces that it does not work well on and will unfortunately fade. It works exactly like writing on surfaces with a permanent marker pen (which also does not always last forever). Especially when washed vigorously.

All products are also sold separately on the order form for re-ordering when needed.

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