Dater Signature 31mm

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Over 20 000 imprints in any colour.

Self-inker with built-in ink pad.


Add Blue ink padAdd Green ink padAdd Purple ink padAdd Red ink padAdd Yellowish Gold ink padIncluded

Text on stamp: *


This Signature Dater  Stamp consist of:
  • One self-inking stamp size 31mm x 31mm with any colour ink pad included.
  • Top and bottom text area is about 10mm x 30mm in size for printable text plates.
  • The date text plate in the middle takes up 10mm x 30mm.
  • The ink pad has over 20 000 stamp impression
  • NOTE: Please send your signature x 5 on a white page by replying to this completed online order via email.

Signatures must be done with a thick black pen on plain white paper (no lines). Take a clear photo of them and email it by replying to your order. Please keep in mind the available area for your text and signature (10mm x 30mm). The grey lines represent the cut/trim lines of the rubber area of your stamp. This durable stamp will last very long because of the over 20 000 imprints it gives – great news for teachers! Afterwards you just replace or re-ink the ink pad. This is an all-in-one self inking stamp which means the pad is inside the stamp mechanism itself (so no loose pieces). It is compact and will not take up a lot of space in the drawer or pencil case. The mechanism size is about 40 x 40 x 80mm and the imprint size is about 30mm x 30mm. It gives nice clear imprints.

This is the perfect gift to your favourite teacher on their birthday, teacher’s day or as a thank you at the end of the year for all their hard work. They come in different designs, colours and languages. Please keep in mind the length of your teacher’s surname when you choose the perfect design for them as this effects the end result. Feel free to email me with any other personalised design on for a quote.

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Choose any ink colour:

Add Blue ink pad, Add Green ink pad, Add Purple ink pad, Add Red ink pad, Add Yellowish Gold ink pad, Included

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