Re-usable Shopping List

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Magnetic Whiteboard Marker with Eraser

(Optional) Change bottom sentence to:


Re-usable Shopping List consist of:
  • One vinyl cut out sticker design to adhere to your fridge or any other preferred surface.
  • Can add a magnetic white board marker (with an eraser).
  • Option available to change the bottom sentence. 

These Shopping List Stickers can be adhered to your fridge or any other clean, dry, flat and nonporous surface. They are made from glossy vinyl that gives it a whiteboard finish that is also easily removable if needed. They are categorized so that you can go to the shops prepared and not having to return to an isle again.

How it works:

You just take a photo (on your phone) of the shopping list before you go to the shops. Write on them with any non-permanent white board marker that can be wiped off easily after the items were bought. You can add a black (bullet point) Magnetic White Board Marker (with an eraser) to your order that is very convenient to use since you can place it next to the Shopping List on your fridge. These stickers are about 185 x 210mm in size and can be re-used as many times as needed. Please note the captions at the bottom of them with different themes or inspirations on. You can replace these with your own sentence to make this a great personalized gift.