Car Vinyl Sticker

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(Safety Spot 003 White)


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Car Vinyl Stickers consist of:

  • One Vinyl cut out sticker design with application tape and instructions to adhere it to your to the outside of your car.

Safety Spot Sticker
These stickers are made from vinyl which means they are almost like a “plastic sticker” that are waterproof and will not fall off. They will also not damage your car and can be removed easily when not needed anymore. The designs are available in different colours of about 110 x 120mm in size – perfect for a small child’s hand.

The purpose of these Safety Spot stickers is to help parents during that busy few minutes while loading kids and groceries in and out of their vehicles. The idea is that the child must keep their hand on the sticker. Thus standing still, safely in one spot next to the car. Please adhere to a clean, dry and flat surface on the outside of your car. Make sure it is low enough for your little one to reach it effortlessly.

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