Self-inking Clothing Stamp with icon

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(robot, kitten or unicorn icon)

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Text on stamp *

Text on stamp
We will fit your text as big as possible on your stamp. Try to make 2 rows, max 12 letters work for the best end result. Please do not exceed 14 letters per row, max 3 rows. This stamp size is 14 x 38mm (the text size is about 14 x 29mm).

Add an extra fabric ink pad

Need an extra fabric ink pad?
Please note: Your order already include a fabric ink pad. No need to add an extra one except to save on courier costs for your next order.


The Self-inking Clothing Stamp with icon consists of:
  • One complete stamp with built-in fabric ink pad
  • Easy to use with press down mechanism
  • The text plate is cut to your desired information
  • Remember the icon takes up space
  • About 14 x 38mm in size (but 14 x 30mm for the text)
Benefits of this Self-inking Clothing Stamp:

This is the best little clothing marker! Now you can effortlessly mark your family’s clothes in no time at all.

  • It is quick, neat and very easy to use.
  • Will not scratch or irritate your child’s neck.
  • Your order will last for 2-4 years plus before you need to order a new ink pad refill.
  • Can not be unpicked or torn off.
  • Does not show through the other side of the fabric.
  • It is permanent.
  • You can stamp on the white washing instruction label or pocket linings of dark coloured clothing.
  • We suggest to also add the white Thermo Ribbon so that you can stamp on the dark clothes that does not have any place to stamp on, like socks.

So alternatively you just stamp on our top quality 2 meter Thermo Adhesive white ribbon and iron it onto the garment or socks (that do not have a washing instruction label). Use this stamp to mark clothes, bedding, the inside of books, certain toys and shoes, camp gear, etc. Please rinse new clothes before stamping on it as the starch layer (to make the clothes look pretty in the shops) makes a thin “sealed” layer that prevents the fabric ink to penetrate the fibres for staining it permanently. Certain types of materials holds the ink better than others but if it starts to fade over time just re-stamp it. It is as easy as that. No more sitting for hours to iron or sow on labels that can be cut off or unpicked easily. If you want a bigger size stamp or your logo on it just email me your enquiry to for a personalised quote.

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