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36 Wrap Around + 16 Small labels
Double up for only R80 more!


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This Wrap Around Stationery Label Set consists of 52 labels:

  • 36 x multi-coloured wrap around pencil labels for larger sized pens & pencils
  • Used for retractable wax crayons & larger stationery – not the normal pencil sizes
  • Mostly applicable for pre-schoolers up to grade 3 students
  • In 3 x sheets of 12 different main colours (in shades) to match all 12 packs of stationery
  • Repeated names on wrap around labels – to see the name on both sides
  • Plus 16 x plain (rainbow coloured text) small labels (10 x 20mm) for all the other stationery
  • Blocked letters to line up all text
  • All 52 labels are vinyl – thus waterproof

Use these labels to mark all your stationery. They are specifically sized for larger than the normal sized pencils (which have a 25mm circumference). So these will fit nicely around any larger pens and pencils like the retractable wax crayons sizes. The added 16 x small labels fit perfectly on the other stationery items like scissors, ruler, lids, pritt, eraser, etc. with smaller surfaces. The repeated names on the wrap around labels also allows you to cut the label in two if needed to make two labels. Please note that all text are in capital letters so that the wording can line up perfectly in block formation & not be cut off when wrapping it.

Wrap around labels are longer so that they can wrap around stationery for a better grip. They are made from a material called vinyl. Vinyl is not a paper sticker – it is like a “plastic” sticker that is very durable, waterproof, and scratch free. It will last very long (they are even microwave & dishwasher safe) if adhered properly and correctly to a clean, dry, non-porous and flat surface. Any fingerprints, textures, air bubbles or dust and scratches on the surface might eventually cause the colour to fade (especially light pastel colours) but the sticker will not fall off.

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