Homemade Sticker Labels

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24 x Personalized Stickers/Set

R150 for 1 set
R140/set for any two sets
R130/set for any three sets
R120/set for any four sets +


Homemade Sticker Labels *


Homemade Sticker Labels consist of:
  • 24 x Personalized vinyl sticker labels in your set.
  • Edit all the lines to suit your home craft or baking project in any language.
  • If you want less text lines just put a point (.) in the blank space block provided.
  • Please keep in mind the design and the space needed for your own wording.
  • All labels are waterproof and suitable for washing, wiping and freezing. 

These stickers are made from luxurious glossy vinyl sticker (not paper sticker) that makes them the perfect finish for all your homemade, baked, preserved or cooked projects. It can be wiped clean after it was adhered to any clean, dry, flat and nonporous surface. The shapes and sizes vary around 51 x 51mm more or less. This is the perfect gift for someone who likes to make or bake their own rusk, jam, cookies, cakes, etc. Making it even more personal and special when they give these goods to someone else labeled as their own. Colours may vary slightly from on screen view. Add any other sets of homemade sticker labels and save a lot more!

  • R150 for one set.
  • R140/set for any two sets.
  • R130/ set for any three sets.
  • R120/set for any four or more sets.

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