Plain Stationery Labels and Book Labels

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120 Small labels (22x10mm)
with 12 book labels
Double up for only R110 more!


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This Vinyl Sticker Label set consists of:
  • 120 small stationery labels
  • 12 book labels (please note to write with a thin permanent marker pen on these)


Plain Stationery Labels

These label stickers are made from a material called vinyl. Vinyl is not a paper sticker – it is like a “plastic” sticker that is very durable, waterproof, and scratch free. It will last very long even when used often in microwaves and dishwashers if adhered properly and correctly to a clean, dry, non-porous and flat surface. Any fingerprints, textures, air bubbles or dust and scratches on the surface might eventually cause the colour to fade (especially light pastel colours) but the sticker will not fall off. Use these vinyl sticker labels to mark things like bottles, stationery, sports gear, books, snack boxes, toys, etc.